Monday, May 27, 2019

So What Do You Do When You're Not Writing?

When I was setting up my author's page on Amazon, their bot asked me how I deal with writer's block. My answer was that I go and find something to fix. The problem then becomes fixer's block. I have often boasted, unseriously, that I can fix anything. More seriously, I can fix almost anything.

I'm particularly good at fixing bicycles. I need to be, since I own four of them, my wife has three, and my kid has one that she never rides. All of our bikes are pretty well maintained at the moment, but I discovered there is something of a market for people who know how to fix bicycles around here. So far, I've had a couple of them in. I figured $25/hr. was a reasonable rate for an old retired guy who works out of his garage, and so far, I've made $125 this year. That's a lot more than I've made on my books.

The point to fixing bikes, however, is not to make money, but to ride them. I am having a pretty good year so far. I've got around 400 miles in – much less than I'd have at this point in my glory days, but better than I've had than any other year since my spine surgery.

If I haven't been writing as much lately, that's why.

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